Low Carb cooking 5 great ways to prepare meats

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Low Carb cooking  5 great ways to prepare meats

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Consuming large amounts of protein is the best way to build a strong and muscular physique.

If you are a bodybuilder, or just someone who wants to get stronger then don’t pass up the beef jerky! Protein shakes are boring and unrealistic for many lifestyles and let’s face it they just don’t replace a meal. Here are five low-carb ways to serve meat for a high protein diet. Skewer and grill! That’s right! Cut up some meat, jab it with a pointy stick and throw it on your grill! There is nothing more pleasing than meat on a stick. Eating meat this way stimulates certain dormant primal urges that we have that date back to the Paleolithic diet of our ancestors, grab and growl! Roast it in the oven! Rub down a big chunk of meat with herbs and spices and just throw it in the oven! What could be more tasty and satisfying than a roast? Pairing this delightful meat with carrots, potatoes and other things may be tempting but is not necessary to get the amazing protein boost you will get from eating it. Try it raw! Not all meat can be prepared this way, but in places like Japan there are few things more popular than sushi and sashimi. If you are really looking for that pure meat experience, go to your local specialty store and find some sushi grade fish that has been deep frozen. After that just slice it into pieces and serve with soy sauce and wasabi! This is amazing stuff and great for your heart as well! Dry up some Jerky! This is an amazing snack and it can be done to a number of popular meats! Just dry out and season a piece of steak or buy it pre-dehydrated and rubbed. This is an irresistible way to pack on some muscle building protein. The variety of meat types and flavors can keep you chewing for years to come. The astoundingly healthy lettuce wrap! Another Asian inspired treat! This is often chunks of chicken wrapped in leaves of lettuce and consumed like a taco! It is low carbohydrate and that is especially useful because it is optimal for the effects most bodybuilders are trying to achieve while actively building muscle. Try these tasty methods out when you plan your protein filled meat eating diet! Be the carnivore you were meant to be and build up your muscle mass faster than ever before.


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